Serious Prettiness: Rifle Paper Co. iPhone Cases

I think I’m more excited about these iPhone cases by Rifle Paper Co. than I am about the actual iPhone. Have you seen these? Check out some of my favorites.

My birthday just passed…maybe I’ll treat myself to one!


We’re taking a little trip to Chicago!  We had a fun Easter weekend here in Brooklyn, and now we’re headed to Chicago for a late Passover celebration.  Our Easter weekend was filled with fun surprises and traditions for Leela, and I’m sure she’ll discover that Passover has fun surprises too (even if it’s the shocking taste of horseradish!).  More to come next week!

Found: Print Collection

I simply love Print Collection’s posters.  Their tagline, “own a piece of history,” is fitting.  Every message, whether to explore America’s sites or mind your health, is artfully expressed.  I’m especially digging the graphic WPA posters (all shown with the exception of the rooster poster).  Check them out; there are so many wonderful posters to browse.

Top row (left to right): Grand Canyon; Keep Your Teeth Clean; Visit the Zoo – Philadelphia.

Middle: See America Welcome to Montana; Du Page County Soap Box Derby.

Bottom: Tuberculosis Don’t Kiss me!; I Eat Little and Produce a Lot; John is Not Really Dull.

DIY: Felt Animal Kits

I have  a sweet spot for these felt animal kits (available at Purl Soho).  I bought the elephant kit when my daughter was born — let’s just say life got crazy and I never finished stitching momma and baby elephant!  In reality, it should have been a very easy weekend project (if I wasn’t overwhelmed with a newborn!).  The kits come with everything you need, and if memory serves correctly the felt pieces are precut.  I think these little friends make such a special gift for a newborn.  My grand plan was to attach a string and hang above my daughter’s crib for some baby delight.  I may just have to tear apart my office to find my half started project!

Giraffe & elephant felt animal and Kangaroo & polar bear felt animal kit.

A Little Hello…

I love having just the right note card for what you want to say.  And, sometimes you just want to say a little hello.  Download, print, and scribble a friendly message; these notecards are sized to fit 4-bar envelopes.  Have fun!



CONDITIONS OF USE: I hope you enjoy this free downloadable note card; this “little hello” card is for personal use only and is not for commercial use.  If you would like to incorporate any of my designs in your own projects, please attribute it to Ali Loeb by linking to this site.  I would be thrilled if you would like to blog about this article and free download, but as a courtesy please link to this page rather than directly to the downloadable pdf.  Thanks and enjoy!

All About the Alphabet Bags

What can I say?  I love typography, and I love bags, pouches and sacks of any kind.  It’s not a wonder that I’m digging Alphabet Bags’ product line.  I’m keeping this one in the rolodex of fun gifts for fun people.

1. Rob Ryan for Alphabet Bags; 2. A- Z Gold; 3. Coin Purse; 4. Canvas Pouch; 5. Mini Bag; 6. Makeup Bag.

Tablecloths: Finally Some Favorites!

I’ve been on the hunt for a great tablecloth for a long time.  We put so much energy into picking out our dining room table that it feels like a shame to hide it beneath a boring cloth; however, the task of finding the right tablecloth has proven to be a harder task than I anticipated!  I’ve found countless dinner napkins and placemats that I lust after and sumptuous table runners, but seldom do I see tablecloths that catch my attention.  Well, I’ve finally found a few that I wouldn’t mind looking at each day!  Check out a few of my favorites.

1. Multi-stripe fouta towel from Burke Decor;  2. Dots & stripes tablecloth from Terrain; 3. Heredia tablecloth from Anthropologie; 4. Stripe tablecloth from Alder & Co.; 5. Brooks of Bohemia Tablecloth from Anthropologie; 6. Cake kitchen paper from West Elm; 7. Mina round tablecloth from Anthropologie; 8. Natural linen tablecloth from Mjölk; 9. Provence linen tablecloth from Sundance.

A Look at Coral & Tusk

I can’t get enough of Stephanie Housley’s work at Coral & Tusk.  I want her entire collection of cocktail napkins, table runners, and animal pillows.  I love the sketchy, folk art feel of her line of embroidered textiles.  Don’t you just want to feel all of the three dimensional stitching?  I know I do!  I also get a kick out of the embroidered stationery…perhaps if I ever received one it would sit in a little frame on display.

1. Bird with Anchor & Bluejay & Oriole Cocktail Napkins; 2. Feathers on Linen Table Runner; 3. Birthday Party Bear Stationery; 4. Kitty Pocket Doll.

Cake Garlands!

I’m all about the details of a party.  It usually only takes a few small touches for a party to have a special look and feel.

Most parties have cakes, and all cakes deserve a topper of some sort.  And, a cake garland is a perfect way to dress up a cake!  Most cake garlands feature a string of pom poms or bunting.  However, the creative possibilities are endless.  I like to make my garlands (they are so simple to make), and I usually incorporate the theme of the event into the garland.  It’s a fun way to get creative and add a unique element to the party.

Check out the cake garland I made for a friend’s baby shower.   It was so simple to make and really made the cake extra sweet and special.  I simply folded pieces of scrap fabric in half and drew baby girl clothing onto the fabric with marker (the top of the outfits were drawn on the fold).  I then cut the shapes out and strung the folded pieces of fabric onto the ribbon.  To finish the garland I used a glue stick to adhere the two pieces of fabric to themselves and tied the ribbon onto bamboo skewers.  Sweet perfection completed in under a half hour!


More Valentine’s Fun: Knot & Bow

I  couldn’t resist another Valentine’s Day related post.  I’m head over heals for these “Me & You” pencils from Knot & Bow.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day?  I would say so!  I also think they are a fantastic, fun gift for that special someone any other day of the year.  I may have to purchase a couple of sets!

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